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In-person training on MSW charging for Cleansing Services Company are now open for registration


To facilitate the environmental hygiene sector to understand the arrangements of MSW charging, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has been organising operational briefings and specialised trainings for frontline staff from environmental hygiene trade and to assist them in better understanding the relevant legal requirements and the Best Practice Guides, and provide recommendations to them on suitably adjusting their frontline operational arrangement. Green Council (GC) is commissioned by EPD to provide free in-person training on MSW charging. The enrolment link for the training is shown as follow:
In-person training for environmental hygiene trade:
On-site training for environmental hygiene trade (With requirement on minimum no. of participants):

The training will be conducted in Cantonese. With hands-on practice to the frontline supervisory staff of CSCs, the training could strengthen the knowledge on the MSW legislature and encourage the compliance of the legal requirements. They can also pass on the relevant knowledge to their subordinate frontline cleansing workers after the training. If you have any inquiries on the training, please contact Mr. CHOI/Ms. WONG from GC by phone/WhatsApp 9704 3067.

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