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How to buy designated bags/ designated labels?

Designated bags and designated labels are available for sale at a few thousands of authorised retail outlets, including supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and online platforms, etc.

Authorised Retailers of Designated Bags and Designated Labels (Offer One-bag for Dual-Use*)

* In order to promote waste reduction and reuse, we encourage retailers to sell designated bags (DBs) individually at the cashier in lieu of plastic shopping bag when they start providing sales services for DBs. Public member can choose to use their own shopping bag, purchase plastic bags from the retailers at the cost of at least $1 or purchase DBs at the prescribed price for carrying their goods.

Authorised Retailers of Designated Bags and Designated Labels (Do not offer One-bag for Dual-Use)

Authorised Online Platforms


The last update date for this list is on 15 Jan 2024. The list of authorised retailers and the sales commencement date will be updated timely.

Bulk Purchase of Designated Bags and/or Designated Labels

Property management companies, cleansing contractors, or institutions in commercial, industrial and social service sector may apply to the Environmental Protection Department for bulk purchase of designated bags (including 240L and 660L designated bags) and/or designated labels for their own operational use. Please refer to application form for details.

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