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Why do we have to implement MSW charging in Hong Kong?

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To combat climate change and promote sustainable development of our society, we should use less, waste less to reduce carbon emissions.

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The per capita MSW disposal of Hong Kong is higher than those of other major cities, and continues to increase generally.

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In the past 30 years, the increase in MSW in Hong Kong far outpaced the population growth. Our landfills receive a large quantity of waste every day and are under increasing pressure. Waste reduction has become ever more imminent and acute.

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How to charge?

There are two charging modes proposed under the Waste Disposal (Charging for Municipal Solid Waste) (Amendment) Bill 2018 (Amendment Bill), namely charging by designated garbage bags (various sizes available), and charging by weight through gate-fee. To know more about how to handle oversized waste and how to purchase designated garbage bags, please click Learn More for details.

Latest development

Since the introduction of the Amendment Bill into the Legislative Council (LegCo) in November 2018, the Government has all along spared no effort in facilitating the Bills Committee to scrutinize the Amendment Bill and explaining its policy on MSW charging as well as the contents of the Amendment Bill. Meanwhile, the Government has listened to the views of the LegCo Members and the public, while stepping up the work on waste reduction and recycling.

We welcome the decision of the LegCo House Committee to form a Bills Committee again to study the Bill in this legislative year, and hope that the Bill can be passed as early as possible.

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How to get prepared?

Support and promotion by the Government include new resources for promoting waste reduction and enhancing recycling, and stepped up publicity campaign and public education.

The public should practise waste reduction at source and recycling proactively, understand the proposed charging arrangements and get prepared for the implementation of MSW charging.

Please visit FAQ for more information about the proposed arrangements

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