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How to charge?

There will be two charging modes for MSW charging, namely “charging by designated bags/designated labels”, and “charging by weight”.
- “Charging by designated bags/designated labels”: members of the public are required to wrap their waste properly in designated bag or affix a designated label to it before disposal. This mode is applicable to most residential buildings, village houses, street-level shops and institutional premises, etc.
- “Charging by weight” : oversized waste disposed of by commercial and industrial premises will be subject to “gate-fee” based on its weight at refuse transfer stations and landfills.

To know more about how to handle oversized waste and how to purchase designated bags/designated labels, please click Learn More for details.

How to get prepared?

The Government will gradually step up support and public education, including -
- Put in place a preparatory period to facilitate the public to get prepared
- Devote resources and strengthen community recycling network
- Launch public education and publicity activities so as to promote stakeholder engagement
- Adopt risk-based enforcement approach as the back-up

The public should also practise waste reduction at source and recycling proactively, understand the implementation arrangements and get prepared for the implementation.

Please visit FAQ for more information about the charging arrangements.

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